What’s in a name?

Dazzle is the term for a herd of zebras, and a zebra is the mascot or symbol of people with a rare disease. Often described as a zebra meaning complex and rare. They teach doctors in medical school to look for “horses not zebras”, meaning it’s more common for an issue to be simple than it is to be complicated, but with 1 in 10 Americans having a chronic disease this isn’t the case.

What’s with the spoon?

The spoon signifies energy based off “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino. As a disabled business owner I know first hand how sacred spoons are, sometimes it changes day to day having more or less energy and there have been periods in my life where I had none, completely dependent on other people to help me get through the day.

I’ve had close to 30 surgeries (including brain and spine) in 17 years, my body deteriorating much faster than most due to my not so rare condition (1 in 500 suspected) Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and comorbidities. Through it all I’ve learned to get back up however slowly and keep going, Im not saying it’s easy or I never wanted to give up (trust me I’ve given a few times) but something has always been driving me to be and do more.

When my son was born early with a 63 day nicu stay and the following pandemic literally as we checking out of the hospital, I struggled immensely with post partum depression and ptsd. The most I felt myself was in the kitchen and fall of 2020 I went into one of my baking frenzies for the holidays and my husband suggested I sell them because they are so good. So I did and it took off so fast I had to pump the brakes and figure out how to expand. Unfortunately my health took a turn, what was meant to be a couple months off turned into over a year, I had 4 major surgeries during that time and the recovery was rough. 

I am determined to empower others who are struggling to not give up and find something they are passionate about. My dream to open a store front and hire folks with disabilities to help me

For now I operate with a very small team in a ghost kitchen (it’s a stand alone commercial kitchen that is often used by multiple businesses to prep their food and sell it some place else). I offer delivery locally for now.

I want to show others its possible to follow your dreams and modify them to work for you by never giving up and viewing barriers in life as simply detours for a better experience. 

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